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Do-It-Your-Self Software Kit

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 Authentic Looking Novelty do- it-yourself  college degree/high school diploma software compatible with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Open Office, etc.


Easy to use templates. Type any school name, any degree, any graduates name and  graduation date. 


If you can type a letter, you can use this kit. Sold for amusement purposes only. Impress your friends and co-workers. Makes a great decoration for your wall. Great gift idea. Great for home schools.


Download contains exclusive software & templates, detailed easy-to-use instructions, degree/diploma type fonts, word processing software and everything you need to produce authentic looking degrees or diplomas. Download will be sent via email to your email address with instructions by email on how to set up our software up on your home computer.  Email tech support included.

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  To  purchase our software, you must agree to our Terms of Sale which follow:  I am ordering your software and I agree,  represent and pledge that I will not use your software to create any form, degree, diploma or certificate to obtain  credit, employment,  educational credits or fraudulent purposes in violation of any country, local, state or federal law.

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Authentic Looking College Degrees

& High School Diplomas!

Available as a software download to your email address for only $5.95 or on a DVD

 with Parchment paper shipped to your mailing address for only $9.95 plus postage!

YOU CAN EARN using our software to create customized degrees &

diplomas to sell to people in your area!

Sample College Degree Diploma

Sample High School Diploma

Create The Following Degrees and More!

*Bachelor of Arts

*Master of Arts

*Bachelor of Science

*Master of Science

*Master of Business         Administration

*Doctor of Philosophy

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Our Software Kit includes 9 College Degrees - 2 High School Diplomas - 2 GED Diplomas

1 Home School Diploma--Includes Curved Fancy Art plus Gold & Red Seals!